Planning & Engineering

Build your Ideal Facility with Industry 4.0 ready plans

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Want to build a facility with optimum space usage?
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Want to build a facility that tapers the OPEX?
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Want to build an Industry 4.0 ready facility?

Planning & Engineering

We build your ideal facility from the bottom up, allowing you to achieve maximum production in minimum space. We begin by converting your future organizational goals into concrete facility needs, and then we determine the best techniques and processes to achieve those goals.

Our plans will assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind facility by reducing your CAPEX & OPEX, optimizing inventory management, and maximizing the number of SKUs. Based on your specific organizational needs, we design the most productive and automation-friendly facility.

  • Reduce your CAPEX and OPEX
  • De-clutter your business
  • Maximum SKUs
  • Existence of project team Pan India
  • Accurate load assessment reports
  • Light Intensity Calculations
  • Optimum Inventory Management
  • Organized storage spaces
  • Safety measures according to UK standards
  • Maximum space utilization and enhance order per Sq ft capabilities

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