73 years of Independence, but are we really free?

All Posts Independence Day | Thursday, 15 August 2019


As the country honors and remembers thousands of stalwarts, martyrs and freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the vision of an India free from the clutches of the Britishers, a question still remains – even after 73 years of Independence, is our fight over? Are we really free?

 The truth is – Just the enemies have changed. We got freedom from the British rule but the number of enemies have further increased. 

The Britishers came in for a business venture but ended up eventually by ruling India for several years taking away the rights of people thereby making them slaves who were bound to obey their orders. They charged taxes at higher rates, took away our treasures, exploited the people to get their work done, gave no freedom to speak or express their thoughts or pain. We got freedom because our brave freedom fighters fought against British Rule. They were aware about the challenges common people were facing at that time and took interest and initiative to fight against it.

In today’s scenario, where we claim to be modern in our thoughts and aggressive, are we really bothered about our surroundings? Are we ready to take the initiative to bring about a change and be a change maker? The answer is NO.

We are just mere spectators to the present enemies – Pollution, corruption, inequality, child abuse, rape and the count won’t end. These enemies are taking more lives than the British rule took. Focusing on the core framework, we realize that the layout in itself is emotionally flawed, the mindset of a person is not evolved with regards to the living standards. Its quoted technology creates advancement in cerebral growth, but what seems like is we still live in a stone age, with bound rules and categorization on the basis of gender, caste and religion.

Several lives are being affected by the pollution around us. Air pollution, the 'silent killer' that claims seven million lives a year caused by burning fossil fuels for electricity, transportation, etc. is not letting us live freely. Littering is leading to illness. The toxins released from litter enter the human body via the food chain and the contaminants also stunt plant growth and cause health issues in animals living in the area. We know that India is very vulnerable to climate change, glaciers are melting, as a result of which we see excessive rise in the water level that further submerges the areas during monsoon.

Even after the medical advancement every 2 out of 5 people are suffering from tuberculosis but no individual takes a stand to prevent our country from such ailment.

We are surrounded by so many things which we know are harmful for us and for the future generations. Take a moment and look deep within you. Are you contributing in gaining freedom from the present enemies?

 Our country is yet not free! India is still in need of freedom fighters who are ready to take initiatives and are determined to drive away these enemies that are slowly and gradually dismantling our nation.

 On this Independence Day, let’s take a pledge to stop the blame game. Let’s stand up for our nation, together, in unity to fight anything and everything that would hamper our Mother India. Let’s be the Change Makers – The Modern Freedom Fighters. Let’s make India free in real sense!




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