How CCTV can help you prevent crimes instead of just capturing them

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Many incidents like the case of an Army major killing a colleague’s wife, hit-and-run case at Civil Lines and the murder of the woman in Burari last year, would have remained unsolved if the presence of CCTV cameras would not have been ther. It has been seen through a survey that CCTV cameras not only give the evidence but have also helped to deter the criminals. There was a recent crime update in which there was a robber who decided to wrap toilet paper around his head to avoid identification. CCTV cameras captured a man sneaking into an empty infirmary in China's Huaibei City to commit burglary on the night of August 28. He had wrapped toilet paper around his whole face to hide it. However, unfortunately for him, another camera managed to capture his face at a moment when it was paper-free, and police therefore managed to arrest the suspect.

But how it would have been possible if there would not have been another camera?

Answer to the question is the enhancement in the technology. Nowadays CCTV cameras are in consideration that they are the best helpers for solving the crime cases. From the various studies it has been proved that the CCTV cameras are helping to reduce the fear of crime in people who use the area. The studies show that there is some reduced level of fear of crime among people in areas where CCTV cameras have been installed.

The market is full of different CCTV Camera Types to ensure your security, like

Dome Cameras are named after their shape are typically used for indoor security systems, or video surveillance in retail stores and offices.
Bullet Cameras have a long and tapered cylinder like design that resembles an oversized ammo cartridge. They are mostly used outdoors, especially in areas where long viewing is necessary. For long-distance surveillance up to 40 Ft and outdoor weatherproof surveillance
Day/Night CCTV Camera can be used in both poorly lit and standard environments. Mostly used outdoors, these surveillance units have a wide dynamic range and can function under direct sunlight, glare or reflections.

But these are the cameras that will just capture the videos. Which will therefore help you a bit, but you are not sure whether these cameras will help you catch the criminal or not. For example if in a store or home a thief tries to conduct a burglary and he gets success in stealing things, the cameras will only capture a video in which we can see the thief coming and stealing things, it’s quite possible that he might have covered his face and hence we will have no clue who the person was, therefore the capturing of the video will go in vain.

To this problem we are a solution. Isourse provides a large variety of CCTV cameras which not only capture the videos but also help you get notified at the point of miss happening or any event that was not supposed to occur.

Isourse has a large variety of cameras that include cameras with the solution of Face detection. In this if once a person’s face is saved to your ‘blacklist’ or VIP ‘white list’ library, entry gates can be triggered to allow or deny access. The system can also be set to trigger an alarm for faces not recorded in the library, in order to prevent stranger intrusions.   


Next we have, is the PIR Camera. The passive infrared sensor is a video surveillance camera which detects intruders by distinguishing IR radiation differences between human bodies and other objects. The passive sensor picks up the infrared heat and turns it into an electrical signal. When the signal strength exceeds a specified level, the camera triggers a flashing light and they also capture clear video evidence of suspects with bright light when triggered.


We also have the cameras that count the number of people. The people counting camera calculate the number of people who entered, left or passed by a certain configured area. It provides daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports for analysis. The people counting camera includes easy configuration and improved anti-interference technology. It has dual-lens that enables the camera to create a three-dimensional image of each object. The innovation mainly lies in the camera’s capability to map the height of a person on the Z-axis, thus excluding any confusion with non-relevant items such as shadows or large objects.


We also have License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras which are the ultra-low light smart cameras and are able to capture vehicle images and recognize the vehicle number (license) plate in dim light environments. These cameras are designed with built-in software and hardware that compensates for speed, weather, and headlight glare. Regular security cameras typically cannot compensate for these variables to capture a usable video that identifies license plate numbers. 


Surveillance technologies are giving the government a sense that it can finally achieve the level of control over peoples’ lives that it aspires to. So get yourself the best, to not only see but also take immediate actions.



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