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Intelligent Planning and Guided Operations

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The 360° Solution

Order Management
  • Order creations via multiple sources.
  • Auto allocation for pickup
Pickup Planning
  • Auto PRS generation
  • Intelligent vehicle allotment
Load Management
  • Optimised vehicle loading
  • AI-driven line haul cost optimisation
Route Planning
  • AI based dynamic routing
  • Real-time KPI monitoring

Order Management

Optimize your first mile through a sustainable order management system.

Order Creation via
Generate pickup requests via EMAIL/ WHATSAPP/ MOBILE APP 
Auto-allocating pickup
Intelligent auto-allocation of pickups on location proximity
Booking Confirmations
Configurable intermediate approval mechanisms for order creations/ acceptance
Ready integrations with 3rd party solutions like, SAP, Oracle, and Banks

Pickup Planning

System generated PRS that auto - allots vehicles based on the volumetrics and quantity of the load.

  • Load Planning
  • Dynamic Routing
  • AI/ML-driven Auto Vehicle Suggestion

Load Management

Visualize your load and maximize the vehicle utilization through our mobile app

  • Multi-point pickup
  • Multi-point drop off
  • Guided loading
  • Material specific constraints
Route Management
Optimized Routing

AI selects the most cost effective & time saving routes with least traffic and projects that route to the allotted driver.

Real Time KPI Monitoring

Real time records of delivery time, delays, fuel cost, avg. Time, and cost of delivery

Finance Module
Finance Module
  • COD Reconcilation
  • System generated P&L reports
  • Location wise expense reports
  • Auto AR and AP reports
  • e-Invoicing, billing & accounting module
  • Dynamic Rate Cards
Real Time Tracking
Geo-tagging Feature

Real-time tracking of the vehicle through GPS 

Freight Tracking

Real-time tracking of the shipment through docket id scanning

Shipment Alerts

Email/ WhatsApp/ SMS alerts  on every step 

Business Intelligence
  • Vendor & Fleet Productivity Reports
  • Zone wise reports
  • Pilferage Reports
  • Data Visualization