Here the thoughts are put into words; read on to connect with our stand on various possibilities

AI Face Recognition: Enter Your Facility In A Smart Way

Isourse is introducing the brand new dynamic AI face recognition access control device. Biometrics attendance is pretty common in every industry and as the world is moving towards tech and automation; the way of entering a facility should also smarten. With the AI-enabled dynamic face recognition access control, you can achieve touchless access control in a facility with all the HRMS features.

We have successfully built a device that can eliminate all the basic deficiencies of an average biometric device with added features. Our unique access control integrates with the HRMS system to create an efficient employee management sys..

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Q-Commerce: Achieve Fastest Last Mile Deliveries

Quick-commerce or Q-commerce is the future of an industry worth 46.2 billion dollars in India i.e., the e-commerce industry. With the growth of the IT sector in India, E-commerce first spread its arms in 1995 and since then it has been an enormous success. Quick-commerce has revamped the old e-commerce supply chain with modern and optimized solutions.

Quick-commerce simply means, the quickest way of buying and selling over the internet. The question arises, Why is it the next big thing? Well, the answer is not that difficult. Who doesn’t want to get their deliveries within 10-30 mins? No one… With the adoption of Qu..

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Industry 4.0 in India: Shifting Focus on MSMEs

India is stepping into the revolution of the decade - the Industry 4.0. With small steps, our country is competing with global leaders in this revolution and this has been a considerable challenge for a nation that has been depending on large-scale industries for quite some time now. But with the rise of the fourth revolution, the shift of focus is evident…

The government has been creating needful reforms for the MSME sector; large industries are coming together with small startups by funding and outsourcing operations. India has become the second-largest nation with..

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ONDC: The Swadeshi Movement 2.0 for the Indian E-com Players

The open network of digital commerce (ONDC) is a brand new initiative by the ‘Department For The Promotion Of Industry And Internal Trade’. India is giving birth to a revolutionary concept for the whole E-commerce industry. 

The Indian e-commerce industry has been dominated by many foreign e-com giants and since long they have established a monopoly over the whole industry. This has deprived all the small and medium-scale retailers of our own country and has obliterated any of their chances of building a worl..

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On Premise vs Public Cloud vs Private Cloud: Which One Is Best and Why?

Today, the software industry is tangled in a debate to figure out which is the best between On-Premise vs Public Cloud vs Private Cloud storage options. Cloud storage is the building block of the whole software industry and concepts like Quantum computing is in this world because of cloud. Well this is a never ending discussion and to find the perfect answer you need to go through this article and find out the pros and cons of the three options.

Well in this article we will be talking about cloud storage and the first thing we need to discuss is… What is cloud storage? Cloud Storage is a storage location which allows you to..

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SaaS: The Future Of Software Licensing

The wave of industrial automation is devouring all kinds of industries and it has given birth to a new kind software licensing, i.e., SaaS. What is SaaS?, well it  basically means Software as a Service and this is the modern way of licensing a software. Various corporates are preferring software as a services because of its numerous benefits. Lets discuss this model in brief.

SaaS is a software distribution model which enables the service provider to distribute a particular software over the internet. After that the customer can use that software on the cloud by connectin..

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Bluetooth Tags: Say Goodbye To Cycle Counts

In a Warehouse, many operations are carried out and inventory management is one of them. The automation industry is figuring out ways to optimize inventory management and Isourse has come up with Bluetooth Tags as the best option to demolish obsolete processes and human dependency. 

Are you still doing cycle counts?, Do you want to save time while managing inventory in your warehouse? and are you looking out for automation solutions? Well, this is the web page where you need to be. Warehouses are evolving every day and organizations want to keep up th..

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8 Critical Functionalities a WMS Should Possess

Warehouse management system is an integral part of any business and the transition phase of adapting a WMS can be very challenging. So, many investors look out for the best software that can guarantee growth in their organization and can ease the transition. There are many organizations out there in the market which provides warehouse management system but while picking out the best out them; you need to know the most important features of a best WMS.

There are some critical operations that a WMS must posses and those aspects will automatically optimize..

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Isourse Sets Up 800 KVA UPS Energy Plan To Automate Xpressbees Warehouse

Automation is cost cutting by tightening the corners not by cutting them. Following this saying of Mr. Haresh Sippy we are primed up to automate every corner of the industry. Recently, Isourse has taken up a new project from Xpressbees to plan their upcoming warehouses. We are setting up 800 KVA UPS power backup system in a 1,50,000 Sqft warehouse.

Also read: TMS: Get More Efficiency And Visibility Of Your Freight

We have created an en..

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TMS: Get More Efficiency And Visibility Of Your Freight

Transportation plays a major role in the whole supply chain process and TMS is the only thing that can revamp it. If you want to manage your supply chain then you can never neglect the need of a proper transportation system. Many e-commerce and logistics companies aim to transform their transportation game through the help of automation. We help you achieve that aim by providing you a custom-made TMS software.

Transport Management System can be openly integrated with your WMS and OMS. This will ensure a better hold on every aspect of your business. From..

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Vision 2022: Isourse

India needs companies with bigger vision and extremely innovative ideas. We need startups that can pave new ways to development of the nation and benefit the world. India needs to step-up its inventions game to become a powerful country. As John Holmes said, there is no better exercise for heart than reaching down and lifting people up. So, starting from the present we support innovation and companies with zealous ambitions for the future.

Isourse is a growing company that provides IT solutions to various organizations. We provide services like, planning & engineering, Software, and Managed services. Our business field is indus..

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Nurture The Nature This Independence Day

Pollution is one of the greatest scourges of our era and even after 75 years of independence we are the slaves of this blunder. We humans believe we are the superior being but nature is the superior among all of us. We have created this havoc by neglecting the needs of our mother Earth. Forests are the lungs of our land and we have destroyed them by over population, over mining, deforestation, etc.

We should always remember this quote by Lucy Larcom, “He who plants a tree, plants a hope.” Moreover, hope is the only thing that keeps everyone..

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HRMS: Manage Employees In A Blink

Isourse presents the most effortless way to manage the most important assets of the company: the human resource. Employees are paramount to any business and managing them can be a strenuous task. Isourse eases this task by providing its HRMS software to various organizations. Human Resource Management System is a software included in our ERP - Isoping software built by our company, to know more about the business benefits of Isoping, kindly go through Business Benefits of Isoping: Less Hassle More Productivity.

HRMS is a software that..

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Business Benefits of Isoping: Less Hassle More Productivity

The virtual world is slowly taking over the real world and technology is going far beyond the imaginations of an average human being. People are adapting to the virtual world more than they are adapting in the real world. Moving on to the entrepreneurs and business owners, they are finding new ways to automate their businesses. This will allow them to run their business more efficiently and sustainably. The process of automation has given birth to many software for business management and Isoping is one of them.

An Enterprise  Resource Planning system is a cluster..

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You know, there is always something out there which can create a better world for you! It just requires you to explore it.

Regulating a warehouse may be a daunting job. There are countless tedious tasks to handle in a facility that directly or indirectly will impact your warehousing performance. You may be taking care of your facility manually with a pen or paper or digitally with high-tech software but what matters the most is your facility should always be up & running and indeed hassle-free.

Now, while running any facility, everyone has to go through some challenges. But, Some wise men said that challenges are me..

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" Success and Innovation comes hand in hand".

This statement was substantiated when NEHA ENTERPRISES got the solution from our organization i.e., ISOURSE.

It was not long ago when the word 'Warehouse' changed the image of dilapidated buildings to a modern technology-driven form and has become the backbone of the rapidly growing e-commerce industry in India.

Before bringing the cutting edge technology Neha Enterprises managed their..

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Isoping A complete ERP solution

Power up your organizational game with a seamless ERP solution for managing and enhancing the efficiency of an organization. Lead with our in-house developed customizable software which is specifically developed to put your team's pressure at rest and bring all your business operations together. Furthermore, it is comprised of real time applications to simplify the existing workflows by automating them and lowering the chances of mismanagement in the organization.

Manage your HR

Automate and manage all your HR responsibilities productively and orderly .This single predictive module is working with an array of Arti..

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Managing a warehouse isn't a simple chore. You have to keep an eye on every workflow in the facility to always keep it up & running. A warehouse is only effective when it can manage all the tasks smoothly and efficiently.

Warehouse management is one of the most crucial parts of any supply chain. It involves organizing, maintaining & managing all the processes. Running a productive warehouse is based on six basic tenets i.e., accuracy, cost, control, efficiency, cleanliness, and safety. Every warehouse manager tries to carry out..

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A lot has changed in the last one year, don’t you think so? This outbreak has made us experience a lot of new aspects of life both positive and negative. It was January 27th, 2020 when coronavirus first case whacked in India and after that, we have no idea how long will it last and what will it cost us??

When the 1st wave hit, everyone got so panicked and things started getting miserable. The whole country went for lockdown when there were only 500 cases. We had to shut all the business activities due to which the industry got a huge blow down. There were less deat..

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Go Lite, could be the only mantra for survival!!!

Most of us are now convinced that the “Cornona Virus” will be with us for at least 1 year or more. If that is the scenario then what can we do to keep our ship afloat? Most of the entrepreneurs I came across recommended to adapt the “go lite” policy. But what is the meaning of “Go lite” and how an organization can be Lite? To understand the whole concept of “Go lite” we have to look at the example of a ship. Lite is a concept of relativity. Let me try to explain this concept. A ship can be as much heavy as we want, the only thing that the engineers has to ensure is that laden weight of the sh..

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Are you prepared to Assess Work From Home During Turbulent Times

In the light of uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 and which still continues, schools, colleges to official organizations & Corporates are now shut down and forced to manage everything by working from home. Consequently, the pupils and people associated with places that are engines to the Indian economy are facing the task of managing operations remotely.

While many countries like the USA, India, etc. have quarterly adapted to the work from the home condition, for the time being, the only difference is this time it's not just a few employees but the entire office staff. Companies are facing a huge issue in estimating the grow..

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What is Reverse Logistics and its Importance in Supply Chain?

Logistics is a term which everyone is very much aware of. But have you ever heard about Reverse logistics? Today on all things reverse logistics, addressing first at a high standard, "What is reverse logistics?". In addition to responding to what reverse logistics is, this will also cover the background of reverse logistics, the advantages of reverse logistics & why it is the activity, especially in the markets, and then address other reverse logistics utilized by shippers & how to use them.

It is of great importance in supply chain management. Let’s study its benefits! Logistics is the backbone for the sales of the o..

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What is 7R's in Logistics Supply Chain? A Brief Guide.

Every organization wants to excel in its functionality. They want the work to be done with optimal utilization of resources. Supply chain management corresponds to the management of products & services from the point of production to the end-user. It includes planning, designing, implementing, managing, and tracking supply chain activities. Efficient supply chain management promotes resource optimization, proper material distribution, information, and resources while reducing operational costs and minimizing delays. Organizations depend on their supply chain team for much of the logistics process.

Managing supply chain manageme..

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3PL Vs 4PL: What's the Difference Between Logistics Providers?

Supply chain management is an integral part of an eCommerce company; it is essential to get an idea of tools and media used to offer the products to an end consumer. The difference among 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) or 4th Party Logistics (4PL) is a fair amount of uncertainty or debate. When they are distinct indeed, and offer various levels of logistics services, most 3PLs call themselves 4PLs, or vice versa. It appears, of course, to confuse the matter further.

As it comes to procurement, many companies find automation indeed the most cost-effective and the most effective solution. After all, logistics services are specialists in th..

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What is Cross Docking ? Types, Advantages and Disadvantages.

Cross-docking can be used to reduce waste from warehouses and to free up capital attached to inventory control. So the biggest question is how do you do that? Cross-docking lets you keep fewer inventories in your warehouse or experience quicker transforms in inventory which increases the sku capacity of the facility.

Of your receiving dock, incoming products were sorted or processed before abandoning onto an outgoing vehicle quickly.

What Is Cross-Docking?

Cross-docking includes supplying products directly to the customer with no content handling together between production plants. Cross-docking also often decreas..

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What are 5S in warehouse Management and How to use them.

Warehouse Operations have the scope to transform and revamp a whole supply chain. The major obstacle in transforming the supply chain process into a future-friendly process lies in the inoptimised operations. Isourse aims to optimise the redundant operations is a warehouse through the 5S strategy.

The 5S a Lean strategy that helps to achieve warehouse objectives: to solve the problems. Getting a warehouse that is clean, organized, and much more than looking fantastic. It's all about making warehousing operations most effective, excel in training and communications, and eventually saving money and time. A facility that has introduce..

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Contract warehouse vs Public warehouse: The Difference Between them Explained.

Warehousing may be public, private, and under contract. The manufacturer of the goods who produces maintains or runs a private distribution plant, and controls it. The public warehouse, usually used by all according to the square foot and pallet, leases space and might bill for some facilities, such as receiving or maybe loading merchandise.

The company, whose goods it owns, does not own or run a contract storage operation, but there is a cooperation between the tenant's warehouse supplier. Existing retail staff and managers are usually part of the contract. The contract warehouse becomes, in a real sense, an essential component of..

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Public Warehouse Vs Private Warehouse: The Major Differences between them Explained

A warehouse is an important aspect when an organization wants to run successfully. Every organization wants that there should be prompt deliveries of products. For this, a good warehouse must be there with the company. Thus your company currently wants storage space, here you will have the choice to choose between both public or private warehouses. There will be advantages and disadvantages that go along with both, but in particular, you will often notice that too many businesses, public warehouses are better choices than private ones. Here are a few things that will help you to make the correct choice for public warehouses. The public war..

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Delivery vs Shipping: The Difference between them Explained

The word "shipping" or "delivery" is often used in the service section on websites that are selling goods. Some clients believe that the words are identical and synonymous; nevertheless, there are differences to consider between the two along with their similarity. With the growth of e-commerce, the terms have grown in popularity, but online shoppers believe that to avoid disputes, distributors and business owners will accurately inform customers for the variations. When their goods arrive weeks later, consumers who are enthusiastic about the fast delivery period may become dissatisfied with your company.

Making sure they know the..

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Logistics vs Transportation: The Difference between them Explained

Logistics along with transportation are essential parts of distribution platforms. Transportation is the movement of goods, as compared to logistics which is handling of the products from the producer to the end-user, both inward and outward. These words sometimes are used interchangeably but are different parts of the value chain in the organization. Logistics and transportation are about moving goods and services through one place to the next. Logistics deals with the integration of product storage, shipping, digitizing, handling, and packaging.

What is logistics?

Logistics obtains, produces, and distributes the right qual..

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What is Warehouse Labeling System: It’s Benefits and Best Practices.

Warehouses are areas where stacks of boxes or loose goods take up space in a disorganized manner. Identifying what goods are out of the mess could be a problem, and this is why good management is so important. Optimising the inventory management process is a must in every warehousing business. Every industrialist can revamp the whole business through diminishing the redundant operations and optimising the operation before automating them.

Warehouse labeling systems effectively solve this issue by ensuring that goods are easily spotted and handled during the delivery process. It guarantees that customers receive that item they reque..

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What is Warehouse Picking or Warehouse Order Picking?

Selecting warehouse order picking is a simple idea, but selecting processes can be complicated in practice. Stated, the selection of warehouse orders refers to the work required and the sections involved in removing an item from the inventory to satisfy a customer order.

This is a method that looks like a more uncomplicated element of your enterprise, but when they run in numbers, it contributes to an average of 55 percent of the operating costs. Within any particular distribution center, cost-conscious warehouses picking quickly discover that inadequate processes will stop against further innovation.

If your company fulfil..

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10 Best Warehouse Picking Methods for Efficient Order Picking

Warehouse order picking tools are an essential element of a warehouse. Similar to delivery, handling, and processing processes, order pickup forms compensate up to 55% of the operating costs in a distribution center. It will also have a direct effect on how happy the clients are. Your company will rise if the methods of picking in the warehouse are quick and accurate. You need to learn about order-gathering and how to apply good practices in the main warehouse-gathering.

Order selection is the method of choosing products from the company inventory to meet several customer needs. It's an essential part of a supply chain cycle and kn..

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What is Dark Warehouse? Everything you need to Know about it

The demand for efficiency improvement in warehouse operations is an all-time high. Warehouse administrators often face challenges in attracting and maintaining the right team, as well as increasing pressure from both consumers and shareholders. One of the possible ways in which warehouse administrators can improve efficiency is by the introduction of dark warehouses. Look more closely at the dark factories and what they mean for the rest of retail operations. In dark warehouses, the work is done by the robots and there will be automated control systems that will control the whole process. The word “dark” means that there is an..

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Why is Cycle Count better than Physical Inventory ? Difference Explained

What is cycle counting?

A Warehouse Cycle Counting is an inventory audit method used for the inventory control solution. Under this procedure, a limited subset of inventory at a particular location gets measured on a specific day. Cycle Counting Method is indeed a popular inventory control solution that allows businesses to rely on different items inside the warehouse without collecting the entire stock. It works because another number of items get counted for the whole warehouse. When an error detected in this sampling procedure, it may also get assumed that there will be errors for specific products in the factory. Three types..

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Warehouse Vs Distribution Center: The Difference Between Them Explained

Every business wants to flourish. They want to meet customer demands. When the products are manufactured they are stored at a place known as a warehouse. Some call them distribution centers also. Many logistics professionals have used the terms warehouse or manufacturing facility interchangeably. Many of them even say that "there is no distinction between a warehouse or a distribution center.Many of them

For many, the distinction between a warehouse and a distribution center may not even be obvious, but for everyone in the logistics business, the two could be more distinct. Yes, there is a vast difference between internal workings..

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23 Warehouse Management KPI: Every Supply Chain Exec Should Track

Handling a warehouse could be a challenging task. Receiving stock, updating stock, picking, ordering, shipping, are certain tasks which are required by the Warehouse Management System. And this all revolves around the critical point of ensuring that customers give their orders on time. That's why KPIs (Key Quantifiable metrics) are so important. If the performance of the warehouse not measured properly ensures that it is difficult to continually develop and reach maximum production.

There might be expensive vulnerabilities in the game which you may not even believe exist. In the post, we're going through the most important KPI ware..

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What is Retail Warehousing and its Benefits?

The concept of a retail warehouse arises from the gradual decline of accessible warehouse space throughout the United States. As per the Wall Street Journal, stores across the nation are facing a lack of storage capacity. The reduced capacity zone and the inability to meet the demand for e-commerce to restarts the order processing.

Nonetheless, a new trend is taking place as developers around the country make store-to-warehouse transformations, and supplier executives need to consider what a wholesale warehouse is about and how it will affect sustainability and efficiency. Warehouses are vastly used in the retail sector to provide..

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How to design a Warehouse? 19 Expert layout Ideas, Factors and Principles

Many basic principles contribute to the architecture of the warehouse. Without all the correct configuration and construction of your warehouse, irrespective of the floor space, you would face capacity problems, decreased profitability, and lack of storage.

19 Expert Warehouse Layout Ideas and Designs

Describe the goals before beginning your planning process. "The goals should be clearly defined when determining the layout of the warehouse. The purposes should be consistent with the company's total warehousing approach. Objectives could specify a higher level, such as reducing warehousing costs or delivering optimal custo..

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14 Best WMS software for 3PL in 2020: Features, Prices, Platform, Deployment

Everyone wants to grow their business and implementing multi-channel inventory management system software will enhance your business processes and operations. Warehouse management solutions (WMS) are designed explicitly for best wms software for 3PL or distribution operations. They are versatile for a huge range of business types, like dry storage, hazmat, distribution, cold storage, wholesale goods, or e-commerce.

It gives companies control over their stock management, transporting, receiving, invoicing, billing, and investigating functions. The scheme is all out-of-the-box with complete configuration flexibility. The activities t..

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What is RFID? Top 9 Reasons you Should Use RFID in Warehouse

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) software had been in use for several decades but explored lately that RFID can be used to the maximum potential. RFID and radio-frequency authentication is a device that transmits identification wirelessly in the form of a specific serial number of an object. RFID, a type of Auto-ID technology, is being used to minimize time and labor and increase data quality in real-time.

Storage activities, like the management of warehouses and structures, have become more complicated in the supply chain. RFID warehouse management system sometimes needed to carry out daily logistics activities, including sto..

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What is ERP Warehouse Management System?

For an organization its very important to keep the things in control so that they can do cost optimization. These days there are different softwares in the market to control the cost and improve the efficiency of the organization. Among this software, there is ERP and WMS. But most of the people get confused among the two.

So let’s put some light on ERP and WMS and then we will come to know in detail how these are being used simultaneously in the organizations.

The Warehouse Management System (WMS)

It is used to control material handling and transfer of material in the organization. The machine records the m..

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16 Best E-commerce Warehouse Management Systems of 2020

eCommerce or electronic commerce refers to the buying & selling of services or goods through the internet, and the transaction is done online. In simple terms, the sale of physical products done over the internet is known as eCommerce. For an eCommerce merchant, warehousing is a critical part of the supply chain for storage and fulfillment purposes.

ECommerce warehouse management system is termed as the storage of physical goods before sold online which includes storing the products safely with correct tracking, as when the goods arrived, how long they have been in the stock and the quantity on hand at any time. A good warehous..

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26 Best Inventory Management Softwares of 2020 - Top Choices Reviewed

A systematic approach to obtaining the right stock, at its best level, right place, at the right time with the right cost is termed as Inventory management. However, manually knowing when to reorder, how much to order, where to store the required stock can be a complicated process. Thus, inventory management software, app, the system comes into existence.

Inventory management software is used to track inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries. Software specially designed to track and manage items through various stores, which mainly features into product capitalization, sales and purchase order, tracking, electronic scanning,..

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25 Best Inventory Management Apps For Android and iOS

Supervision of non-capitalized assets and stock items is termed as Inventory Management. The prime function of Inventory management is to keep a detailed record of each and every new product as it enters the warehouse. This includes the management of raw materials or finished products. Inventory is also considered as a liability. Thus making Inventory management is an important tool for businesses of any size.

Companies these days maintain inventory management systems capable of tracking real-time inventory levels, measuring efficiency and maximizing output. When Business transactions take place on a global scale covering various l..

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Store Onboarding – a new mantra for eCommerce players to foray into offline business

The e-commerce industry is focusing on shortening the supply chain to fasten the last mile. Since the era of Industry 4.0 is here; the new concept of hyperlocal or 10-minutes delivery is trending among the end consumers. Lightening fast deliveries and D2C concept is not only increasing customer satisfaction but also it is enhancing the relationship between the brands and its customers.

Store onboarding is the new step of digitisation in the e-commerce industry. With upcoming solutions like hyperlocal and quick-commerce, the e-commerce industry is now focussing on enhancing customer exprience and reach. They are utilising the alread..

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What is a warehouse management system?

A warehouse management system or WMS is the process of sorting and organizing processes and systems inside a warehouse to ensure a steady flow of goods In and Out. A warehouse is a place that acts as a storage space for items that come from a certain seller and will stay at the warehouse unless a buyer demands for it.

Since there can be multiple sellers and multiple buyers at the same time. How do you ensure a proper system to make the process happen at a steady pace? That’s where a warehouse management system comes in place.

A warehouse needs to have a system in place to ensure there is a track of everything that com..

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Healthy Living means Happy Living !

“A little betterment does not come by chance but by change.”

Healthy living not just means a regular physical workout but also being sound emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It refers not only to the absence of disease, but the ability to recover and bounce back from illness and other problems. Health is a dynamic condition resulting from a body’s constant adjustment and adaptation in response to stresses and changes in the environment for maintaining an inner equilibrium called homeostasis.

‘A healthy lifestyle looks different on every body’, rightly said because not every person fa..

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Management of Warehouse Inventory for Better Efficiency

Warehouse inventory management can become a difficult task if not following the simple rules of guidance for better efficiency and cost reduction.

Managing Warehouse Inventory:

Warehouse Inventory Management is one of the important factors responsible for success of logistics service.

Inventory management in warehouses requires more than just organizing products: It requires the right alignment of network strategy, facility and process engineering, and technology systems that create inventory visibility and accuracy.

The final outcome would be an efficient delivery to client and upliftment in sales.


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How do you know that your network solution is correct ?

In today's world where organizations having offices in multiple locations, managing IT infrastructures is big challenge. It can be expensive and time consuming implementing network management systems which claim to do everything, so one should apply the network solution which is effective and appropriate for their company. A good Network is the foundation for just about every component of IT infrastructure, meaning that even the slightest issue can cause a headache for any business.Even a relati..

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Data center plan Implementation- a perfect guide

In this era, the age of digital accessibility has been overpowering each & every outsourcing firm. Whether it may be an IT firm or any Governmental organizations, each of them needs an inhouse DC/ micro DC to store their data, for that it is very crucial to know about an efficient & substantial data centre solution techniques, as these information's are way more sensitive to be leaked out.

Therefore, to keep all the data secure, data centers gives the best solution and are highly recommended.

What kind of data center one should plan?

For the use of collecting data, storing, processing, distrib..

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Today most of the companies face a lot of network issues without even realizing it. Network is the core of every organization and issues in it can cause tangible and intangible losses and when these problems go unresolved, the company’s front-end gets open for the attackers. It is believed that most of the organizations totally depend on a good and hassle-free computer network. Hence it becomes necessary to keep the network healthy.

Basic network issues that an organization faces

1. Cable problems

Cable problems may arise by vibration or loose wiring. This vibration in industrial applicatio..

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SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS -A systematic observation of places and people of visual, aural electronic, photographic or other means.

In the field of VIDEO SURVEILLANCE, the earliest documented use of CCTV technology was in Germany in 1942. The system was designed by the engineer Walter Bruch and it was set up for the monitoring of V-2 rockets. It wasn’t until 1949 that the technology was launched on a commercial basis. A major development in the history of CCTV occurred when video cassette recordings (VCRs) became widely available in the 1970s. This technology was quickly incorporated into surveillance systems, offering a new way for the cameras to be used.

After 1990s, VCRs have been replaced with digital video recorders (DVRs), making CCTV systems sim..

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Interpersonal Relationship at Workplace

The word "Relationships" itself is a very complicated topic of discussion and various scholars has researched over this topic of study. Till now we know there are various types of relatioshionships out of which the Interpersonal Relationship is common term. Interpersonal relationships simply defines the social interaction or affilication between two or more people. Simply defined, the bond between two friends in known as an interpersonal relationship.

An Interpersonal Relationship that you form at work play acriticalrole in both your work success and career progress. Positive interpersonal relationships will allow effective communi..

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Warehouse Becoming Dark stores - we are a solution!

Indian industry is moving towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and with the step towards the future, new concepts like, hyperlocal, quick-commerce, D2C, and many more are emerging on a larger scale. The e-commerce industry has started adopting these concepts and are getting results like 10 minutes delivery model.

Isourse made the 10 minutes delivery model possible in India through our in-house developed solution, The Hyperlocal. Curently the global industry is exploring the concept of Dark stores and the concept itself in a solution to sustain e-commerce in the Covid 19 pandemic. In the era of global lockdown, the e-commerce indus..

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