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AI Face Recognition: Enter Your Facility In A Smart Way

Isourse is introducing the brand new dynamic AI face recognition access control device. Biometrics attendance is pretty common in every industry and as the world is moving towards tech and automation; the way of entering a facility should also smarten. With the AI-enabled dynamic face recognition access control, you can achieve touchless access control in a facility with all the HRMS features..

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Q-Commerce: The Next Big Thing In E-Commerce Industry

Quick-commerce or Q-commerce is the future of an industry worth 46.2 billion dollars in India i.e., the e-commerce industry. With the growth of the IT sector in India, E-commerce first spread its arms in 1995 and since then it has been an enormous success. Quick-commerce has revamped the old e-commerce supply chain with modern and optimized solutions.

Quick-commerce simply means, the..

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