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AI Face Recognition: Enter Your Facility In A Smart Way

Isourse is introducing the brand new dynamic AI face recognition access control device. Biometrics attendance is pretty common in every industry and as the world is moving towards tech and automation; the way of entering a facility should also smarten. With the AI-enabled dynamic face recognition access control, you can achieve touchless access control in a facility with all the HRMS features.

We have successfully built a device that can eliminate all the basic deficiencies of an average biometric device with added features. Our unique access control integrates with the HRMS system to create an efficient employee management sys..

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HRMS: Manage Employees In A Blink

Isourse presents the most effortless way to manage the most important assets of the company: the human resource. Employees are paramount to any business and managing them can be a strenuous task. Isourse eases this task by providing its HRMS software to various organizations. Human Resource Management System is a software included in our ERP - Isoping software built by our company, to know more about the business benefits of Isoping, kindly go through Business Benefits of Isoping: Less Hassle More Productivity.

HRMS is a software that..

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Business Benefits of Isoping: Less Hassle More Productivity

The virtual world is slowly taking over the real world and technology is going far beyond the imaginations of an average human being. People are adapting to the virtual world more than they are adapting in the real world. Moving on to the entrepreneurs and business owners, they are finding new ways to automate their businesses. This will allow them to run their business more efficiently and sustainably. The process of automation has given birth to many software for business management and Isoping is one of them.

An Enterprise  Resource Planning system is a cluster..

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