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22-06-2021 18:45:35
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Power up your organizational game with a seamless ERP solution for managing and enhancing the efficiency of an organization. Lead with our in-house developed customizable software which is specifically developed to put your team's pressure at rest and bring all your business operations together. Furthermore, it is comprised of real time applications to simplify the existing workflows by automating them and lowering the chances of mismanagement in the organization.

Manage your HR

Automate and manage all your HR responsibilities productively and orderly .This single predictive module is working with an array of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and is intended to streamline all your HR functions in a productive manner and eliminates all the repetitive tasks from your HR daybook. This advanced technology can offer your business a new way for strategic planning and growth with minimal cost and maximum productivity. While this module works on HR part you can focus on true assets of your company.


  1. Automated leave tracker and attendance management
  2. Employee personal details management
  3. Policies creation and management
  4. Automated Payroll
  5. Make announcement
  6. Analytics and MIS reports
  7. Expense management
  8. Training and development
  9. Performance appraisal and promotions
  10. Recruitment

Manage your Client and sales

Drive towards a better relationship with your existing as well as potential customers with a long-term investment module where you can oversee every step of the customer’s lifecycle. It enables your organization to strengthen bonds between the clients and also assists you with contact management, sales management and sales forecasting and more.In this era where getting up to date is crucial and can be tricky , this attribute can furnish you with a complete overview about your clients. With visibility and easy access to data that helps companies of all sizes to prioritize their customers in any line of business .


  1. Maintain Spanco life cycle
  2. Assign sales target
  3. Call through system
  4. Automated procedure from PI to Invoice
  5. Maintain collection and employee’s incentive
  6. Track employee’s performance
  7. Pipeline management
  8. Lead management
  9. Email integration
  10. Reporting/analytics
  11. Conveyance management

Manage your Projects

Execute your projects successfully with your team to achieve goals and meet success in a given constraint with our in-house build module. It includes methodology, tools and processes in a procedure to plan and execute a specific task/ event /duty towards completion.


  1. Consolidated report of all the tasks
  2. Accessibility to view the task details
  3. Generate automated reports
  4. Analyze employees performance
  5. Easily shareable to parties.
  6. Track progress of projects in real time.
  7. UAT through system

Manage your Finance

Bot your financial operations with a one-way customizable solution that will be carried out with minimal human intervention.

It consolidates all your fiance related tasks from making financial reports to managing the cash flow with just a single click. This RPA will drive you towards greater efficiency and compliance in finance that makes it less prone to errors.


  1. Automated sales and purchase operations
  2. Allow multi level approvals online
  3. Interactive Master pages
  4. Petty cash tracking
  5. Customized accessibility
  6. Interactive Dashboard
  7. GST API Integration
  8. Automated Vouchers
  9. Net Banking
  10. Reporting

Manage your Assets

Drill-down a most cost-effective approach to manage your Asset inventory in a beneficial way. With this Attribute you can keep track on the asset life-cycle from procurement to Handover orderly. Besides this it enhances the flexibility, security and accountability in the Asset discovery and management and ensure safety and security to your assets.


  1. Real time asset management
  2. Bar-coding on every asset
  3. Alerts and notifications
  4. Check- in Check-out

Manage your Tasks

Fulfill your tasks towards completion that can simplify your whole business processes. It is simple yet powerful tool to collaborate all the tasks effectively on a single interface . You can schedule, assign and prioritize all your tasks with just a one click as well as track dependencies and milestones.


  1. Real time progress monitoring
  2. Automated tasks assigned
  3. Team groups
  4. Automated team reports
  5. Online timer


Provide fully-functional assistance to your customers with a customizable module specialized in handling all types of customer support. Each incoming email that shows up is named as a ticket which can be a query , complaint or request. Every raised ticket is assigned to a respective customer support executive to work on and resolve the issue within the given time constraint. Moreover, with our Robust help desk, you can close tickets effortlessly and notify your customer that their issue has been resolved successfully .


  1. Real Time tracking on each ticket.
  2. Live chat
  3. E-mail integration



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