HRMS: Manage Employees In A Blink
03-08-2021 11:53:01
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Isourse presents the most effortless way to manage the most important assets of the company: the human resource. Employees are paramount to any business and managing them can be a strenuous task. Isourse eases this task by providing its HRMS software to various organizations. Human Resource Management System is a software included in our ERP - Isoping software built by our company, to know more about the business benefits of Isoping, kindly go through Business Benefits of Isoping: Less Hassle More Productivity.

HRMS is a software that helps the management to understand its workforce. The employees of the company, the management, and the HR leaders are the sole users of this portal. Through the entry and exit timings of the employees, the sytem identifies the shift (Day shift / Night shift). Moreover, the employees can apply for leaves, download their salary slips, view policies, etc. On the other hand, the department head can keep a track of all the leave requests applied by the employees of that department. The system auto generates mails to the head of department and once approved or rejected, the employee will also get a mail.

Moreover, the HR can make announcements, and can even get a notification when someone enters the premises with high body temperature. Not only this but, our software is extremely beneficial for managing blue-collar employees and white collar employees. We present our version of HRMS that provides a user-friendly interface and a better communication portal to the blue-collar employees.

Human Resource management is an enormous task which requires a lot of attention and hard work. With our HRMS, the need of multiple HR reduces as it is capable of compiling data within seconds and this quickens the workflow. Through this automation, the HR managers are able to focus more on their core responsibilities for the company. There are more benefits to our software but before moving on to that, Let’s get to know the core operations of HRMS.

Core Operations Of HRMS

Human Resource Management consists many small operations but these operations can be very time consuming. With more advancement in business; maintaining a register/excel for every employee is not a great idea. Our HRMS helps to automate such things and derive more resource out of the employees and the Human Resource Manager.

Leave and Com-Offs Tracker

Our HRMS collects leave requests from the employees and the department manager/HR can easily access those requests on his or her portal. Also, if the Manager/HR will automatically get a mail, the second someone applies for a leave. After that, the HR can accept and reject those requests. The system can also track the Comp-offs of an employee and accumulate the data for the HR and the employee.

Attendance Calculations

Our HRMS can be integrated to the biometric device and capture the entry and exit timings of the employees. With this data the system can calculate the attendance of the employees. On the basis of this data the system generates the salary of the employee.

Salary Generation

Our HRMS is capable of calculating the salary of every employee. It keeps a track of all the leaves taken by a single employee. After aggregating all the employee’s working hours and deducting the PF, the system auto generates the salaries of all the employees. The employees can download their previous salary slips through the portal.


Every company has its own policy. By adding their policies on to the system, they can get a feel of a customized HRMS model. The company can insert working hours, loan policy, leave policy, travel policy, etc. The system will synchronize these policies which will help in maintaing the decorum of the organization and can also help in generating salaries, conveyance, reimbursements, etc., of the employees.


The HR needs to make announcement of every upcoming event, whether it's an employee’s birthday, promotions, company’s achievements, or an new policy. Running around from department to department can be a very exasperating task. With the help of our human resource management system, this exhausting task can be done in minutes. The HR can make an announcement on the portal and it will reach all the employees at the same time.

Hiring and Firing

Automate the whole recruitment process through HRMS. The departments can enlist the vacant positions that needs to be fulfilled.The HR will then get a notification of the requirements and he or she can start sending resumes for the needed profile to the departments. After that, the departments can shortlist some resumes and the HR team can schedule the interviews of the candidates accordingly. Moving on, the HR then given the offer letters to the new recruits.

When the employee is not performing up to the mark then the firing process can also proceed through the HRMS portal. As per the company policy, the employee will get some warnings on the portal. If the employee is still not performing up to the mark then he/she will get the termination letter on the portal itself.

No Need of Rosters

The system exterminates the need of making rosters because we have a ‘Flexi Shift model’. Rosters are very important for Blue-collar employees and white collar employees. The human resource management system comes with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which automatically detects the shifts of all the employees with the entry and exit data.

Customized Reports

Our software can compile various sets of data and present it in front of the HR manager. Also, the system is capable of generating reports on the basis of that data. The reports driven by the system is more accurate than manual excel sheets and registers. Moreover, this stimulates better leanings and findings from the report. Because of this automation the chances of human errors are nil. The accuracy of the records will help in creating a stronger management.

With the help of our Isoping software, the workload of the Human Resource Manager will reduce and it will eventually save a lot of time. Also, this software will eliminate the need of multiple HRs which will minimize the expenses borne by the company. With this the company with be able to manage its most important asset in a blink.



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