Nurture The Nature This Independence Day
12-08-2021 10:36:10
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Pollution is one of the greatest scourges of our era and even after 75 years of independence we are the slaves of this blunder. We humans believe we are the superior being but nature is the superior among all of us. We have created this havoc by neglecting the needs of our mother Earth. Forests are the lungs of our land and we have destroyed them by over population, over mining, deforestation, etc.

We should always remember this quote by Lucy Larcom, “He who plants a tree, plants a hope.” Moreover, hope is the only thing that keeps everyone alive; without hope we all are perished. Trees gives us two of the most crucial elements for survival: Oxygen and Books. So, plant as many trees as you can plant.

We all know about the ecosystem; the balanced amount of flora and fauna in a surrounding gives birth to a healthy habitat. We have realized the need of forests and a better ecosystem but what we need to do right now is plant effective trees. Flowering trees are only for beautification purposes but fruitful trees can be beneficial in many ways.

The cycle of nature supports automation; A tree grows and bears fruits after which it dies. The fruits of a tree are consumed by birds and animals, after which, the seeds of that fruit are excreted onto the land. Through this a plant sprouts, thus restarting the process of life. This is the circle of life but humans have disrupted this cycle by deforestation and planting non-fruitful/poisonous trees just for the sake of greenery.

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The fauna can only survive longer if we plant fruitful trees and create a source of food for them. We all know how flora and fauna are inter-dependent on each other and without either of them, the ecosystem cannot rekindle.

We have to plant trees that have the capability of rejuvenating the environment. Only if a person waters a single plant everyday, just for one year; the survival rate of the plant increases a hundred times. With healthy flora and fauna one can achieve the epitome of life in the particular surrounding.

This Independence day, Isourse is organizing a plantation drive in which each employee will plant a sapling and take the responsibility to nurture it daily until it becomes a strong tree. We are planning to plant fruit trees like, Fig(Anjeer), Java Plum(Jamun), Banyan(Bargad), and Tamarind(Imli). These plants can become a good source of food and shelter for the animals who will ultimately help in reviving the environment.


On 15th August 2021, we will all gather with the zeal to plant hope for our nature and give back to the society. The team of Isourse is coming forward with this initiative to help the animals and the ecosystem of Dwarka. You may not plant a million trees but if you plant and take care of one single tree with love and care, that will make you a better version of yourself. We wish you a Happy Independence Day hoping you would break free from the slavery of Pollution and plant a tree.



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