8 Critical Functionalities a WMS Should Possess
20-10-2021 10:23:30
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Warehouse management system is an integral part of any business and the transition phase of adapting a WMS can be very challenging. So, many investors look out for the best software that can guarantee growth in their organization and can ease the transition. There are many organizations out there in the market which provides warehouse management system but while picking out the best out them; you need to know the most important features of a best WMS.

There are some critical operations that a WMS must posses and those aspects will automatically optimize the obsolete processes of the warehouse. Warehouses are the most important part of any supply chain and to maintain that, one needs to use a warehouse management system. Not only this but the software should be customized as every business is unique and it should get a software as unique as the business model of the organization.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are two important components of the software industry working on automating all the industries. With lesser human dependency, all the operations would be carried out successfully and quickly. The chances of error will be minimum and the user will ultimately see a substantial growth  in the business. With optimized processes the operation TAT will also decrease; eventually decreasing the OPEX of the organization.

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WMS is a beneficial software but to use it in the most optimized way, the best software should be picked thoughtfully. Moreover, to pick the best software one needs to know the critical operations that the software must possess. Lets discuss those terms.

Simple User Interface

As a WMS will be used in a warehouse, it should be easy to use and interpret. The employees in a warehouse are mostly blue-collar employees hence to ease their work the software should not be too complex to use. If the employees are unable to use the software, then transitioning into this automation will become a bigger challenge.

Last Mile Item Tracking

A warehouse management system keeps a track of all the inventory from the moment it arrives in the warehouse to the moment it leaves the warehouse. Every inventory has a USN which is integrated with the software. Through this feature the inventory can be found easily as the software keeps a track of its location. The AI model also provides the best path to reach the inventory. This operation reduces pilferage and the chances of lost inventory which will increase the success rate of deliveries.


The best WMS is always susceptible to changes and can upgrade with the coming future. The future friendly feature is a component that should be present in every software. With evolving technology and changing external environment; the software should change too. For example, amidst the lockdown and WFH times, many organizations wanted a software which can adapt to the WFH environment. Just like that a best WMS should adapt to external changes with better features and bug fixes.


Fast Updates

Updates are extremely crucial for any kind of technology whether it is a hardware or a software. Warehouses are always evolving; and to manage such pace a software should always be updated with new features. Updates does not only specify new features but it can also bring some changes in the existing features or can fix existing bugs and errors. A good WMS can be categorized on the basis of recurring updates in a particular time period.

Cloud Based

Cloud computing is the most important aspect of the software industry. In this fast paced world, everything is based on data and the amount of data is increasing day by day. The storage of such huge amount of data is an immense problem that was figured out years ago. To ease the management of data, cloud storage became a prominent solution. With cloud computing came cloud storage; without direct access the users can use online and offline computer resources. Cloud Computing does not only solves storage issues but it can also eliminate the need of maintaining an infrastructure for the same. By purchasing a cloud-based WMS, the organization won’t have to incur any maintenance cost for the software.

Mobile Friendly

Smartphones are everywhere and currently everyone is using a smartphone and they want every software on the palm of their hands, so the software should always be mobile-friendly. As the software will mostly be used in an HHT device then it should run smoothly on that interface as well. Previously the warehouse employees had to roam around with a list on a paper and organize the inventory accordingly. With mobile accessibility, the employees can easily organize the inventory and the chances of manual errors will be nil.


Not every WMS is made for you because every organization has unique business model and process. A standard WMS cannot optimize processes of an organization if it does not understands the basic structure of its unique business model. To make sure your purchase can pay off the worth, you need to get a customized software which will be made as per you business requirements. Unique and organic data is the key to the success of any WMS implementation as it is the only thing which will fully help the software to optimize the warehouse processes to its best.


Integration is very important to derive interpretative data out of one software  and use it in a different software or process. Integration compiles a single software with another software or on-boards a list of vendors to accumulate authentic and real time data for further processes. Integration can help the organization to fully optimize the usage of not only one software but others as well. Moreover, Integration is the biggest component that reduces the need of  manual data updation and promotes automation.

Warehouse automation is a big step and requires a huge amount of investment and transitioning into this humongous change can also be extremely challenging. Warehouse automations starts with manually demolishing obsolete processes and this single step can immediately save lots and lots of monetary resources of the organization. We should always remember that automation is an investment not an expenditure, so we should invest wisely.

After this step, once the organization has ample amount of funds then it should invest in softwares like warehouse management system or transport management system. Every organization wants to invest in the best and to pick the best WMS, one should keep all the above mentioned points in their minds. Lastly, change can be extremely difficult to adapt but with ample resources and good training; it will become an easier path.

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