SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS -A systematic observation of places and people of visual, aural electronic, photographic or other means.
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In the field of VIDEO SURVEILLANCE, the earliest documented use of CCTV technology was in Germany in 1942. The system was designed by the engineer Walter Bruch and it was set up for the monitoring of V-2 rockets. It wasn’t until 1949 that the technology was launched on a commercial basis. A major development in the history of CCTV occurred when video cassette recordings (VCRs) became widely available in the 1970s. This technology was quickly incorporated into surveillance systems, offering a new way for the cameras to be used.

After 1990s, VCRs have been replaced with digital video recorders (DVRs), making CCTV systems simpler and more user-friendly.

Now network video recorders (NVRs) systems work by encoding and processing video in cameras and then streaming the footage to NVRs for storage or remote viewing. The solutions are particularly useful for firms with many site locations because they allow users to view various departments at any one time across the network or internet more easily and in higher quality than remote viewing with a DVR allows.


Closed-circuit television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance, is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. It differs from broadcast television in that the signal is not openly transmitted, though it may employ point to point (P2P), point to multi point (P2MP), or mesh wired or wireless links.

  •     The purpose of CCTV cameras is to perform for a more effective security system.
  •     A very important component in monitoring some places in particular to prevent loss of articles, and for the business, control inventory and to maximize productivity.
  •     Have been proven beneficial for monitoring places which are too risky for people to watch themselves but need constant scrutiny.


  • Warehouse and logistic facilities that are spread extensively over large areas, containing valuable packages, which makes it hard to monitor the activities inside and secure the premises. It’s here when Video Surveillance becomes a vital role.
  • The inventory is the most important and valuable asset that a business has. It is essential that the place where it is stored is secure and well organized.
  • The benefits that warehouse surveillance offers are two spikes.
  • On one hand we see is the security related benefits it offers these sites.
  • The second one is operational intelligence that is provided by the intelligent audit reports generated through the surveillance videos.



  •     Life
  •     Dignity
  •     Machinery
  •     Material


  •     Cameras for Quality Assurance of Security
  •     Multiple Site Audit / 24*7 Monitoring
  •     Package Theft Prevention
  •     Employee Theft / Employee Behavior
  •     Inventory Track
  •     Space Management
  •     Human Resources Utilization
  •     Accidental Mishaps

Cameras for Quality Assurance of Security

In the present, surveillance systems integrate the latest progressives can technology which is designed to eliminate any blur and capture multiple shots from running video, when pausing moving images to allow items such as unique code sand number plates to be accurately captured and stored.

Multiple Site Assessment / 24*7 Monitoring

Through managed surveillance service, one can monitor multiple warehouse site via a centralized control room located in the facility, which makes it easy for a business to ensure the security of all their properties altogether. By contracting out managed surveillance, we can get a team monitoring the warehouse 24 *7,providing real-time alerts in the event of any incident or crime.

Package Theft Prevention

With the warehouse under surveillance, it will daunt any outsider as well as an employee from committing any theft. This will prevent any inventory shrinkage in the warehouse and ensure that your customers get their products on time as inventory shrinkage leads to delay in product dispatching.

Employee Theft / Employee Behavior

It’s a threat when employees get lured into other businesses , so monitoring individual activity is possible via CCTV Surveillance in office and administration. Through surveillance , it becomes easy to view staff behavior to ensure that they are fulfilling their responsibilities as per required terms. It can also be checked whether they are handling sensitive products with proper care or not . Their obedience with company policies and their punctuality can also be monitored in real - time according to their shifts.

Inventory Track

The product packages on the inbound - outbound are as are very necessary for warehouse functioning , the customer must not be provided with late deliveries , which could hurt the business. Therefore , manually employing labor could be costly as well as time consuming towards what can be done digitally. The management can also track real-time package arrival and dispatch.

Space Management

Warehouse surveillance can help monitor whether the space of the warehouse is being utilized in the best way possible or not. If there was any area of the warehouse where space was being underutilized, it will be reported and necessary steps will be taken to optimize the space utilization and productivity.

Human Resources Utilization

If you want to know about whether your staff is being properly utilized or not, surveillance plays a key role here as well. Via surveillance, one can know whether they are understaffed or overstaffed. After one gets this information from the surveillance audit reports, necessary corrective actions can be taken.

Accidental Mishaps

A warehouse comprising of heavy machinery, high pallet racks and with multiple labors working in shifts, prevention must be followed for safety. It is easily an accident prone area due to a little miscalculations of spaces, energy transmission and accessible openings An accident can turn into a bigger environmental disaster therefore surveillance help prevent any loss.


  •     What areas posses security threat, in relation to life, package and equipment etc.
  •     Which are as need to be on focus, assuring a safe guard of privacy
  •     Areas related to material storage or accessing the material arrangement
  •     What all security measures are pRovided on site to avoid accidents, monitoring system.
  •     Provision of local coordinates, for monitoring and security of neighboring warehouses.


  •     Open floor area of warehouse.
  •     Entrances and exits to site and warehouse building.
  •     Shipping and receiving are as in warehouse facility.
  •     Perimeter surveillance (of boundary activities ).
  •     Fixed cameras on important locations with 24*7 surveillance.
  •     Focus on the office,administrative area.
  •     Focus on machinery and the placement strategy of racks and staging area.



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