Data center plan Implementation- a perfect guide
09-12-2019 14:44:20
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In this era, the age of digital accessibility has been overpowering each & every outsourcing firm. Whether it may be an IT firm or any Governmental organizations, each of them needs an inhouse DC/ micro DC to store their data, for that it is very crucial to know about an efficient & substantial data centre solution techniques, as these information's are way more sensitive to be leaked out.

Therefore, to keep all the data secure, data centers gives the best solution and are highly recommended.

What kind of data center one should plan?

For the use of collecting data, storing, processing, distributing and allowing access data centers are designed in such a way that they are placed at centralized locations where computing and networking equipment's are concentrated. Data centers might have had one room sized supercomputer during the early days of computers. But as the time has passed equipment's got easier access by getting compact and affordable, and thereby increasing the demands of data processing. All these data in servers in clustered form and their related equipment can be arranged in a room or in entire building depending on the requirements . Talking about all the well established firms, they have a great set of raw data and information about their staff, projects, clients etc , which they definitely don’t want to disclose, hence for such purpose data centers are perfect to meet the desired need by providing a well planned data center solution technique . Data centers are the most well organized energy consuming facility which give continuous ceaseless remote access of different clients and their information through one server.

ISOURSE helps you to tackle such problems by giving you an optimum solution for the same .

How we provide solution to a compact data center design?

A well planned server room can be executed through a balanced investment in the facility and equipment housed. Also a well-balanced use of the location “white space”, or usable space for IT equipment is also compulsory .

Physical infrastructure of a data center is essential as it gives the holistic view of a data center's performance so that energy, equipment and floor space are used as efficiently as possible.

There are various different attributes which are to be kept in mind so that there is optimum utilization of space, proper air circulation as air circulation plays a major role in data centers and if not planned properly then maybe the whole data center may get affected, below are some important points on the Physical Infrastructure that are mandatory to be kept in mind before planning a server room.

² The very basic and important point to keep in mind for planning is that racks must be placed in such an order that the flow of cold air & hot air is proper and condensation doesn't takes place and if the gases gets mixed up then the moisture may cause Server to shut down.

² Then comes the flow of clear power supply which should be proper so as to protect the servers from immediate breakdown, hence allowing a particular run time to protect data loss.

² Humidity can also cause a great loss to the servers therefore it is very important to provide all the servers with the best humidity control solution.

² In data centers, servers are placed above raised floor so that electrical wiring and other services can gets arranged below the raised floor and also on the ceiling as per the design.

² Special electrostatic mats should be used inside the server area to protect the racks from external elements like dust, germs etc. Also proper electrostatic flooring is done in server rooms.

² Space should be allotted in such a manner that even in sudden miss-happening, the allotted human resource can enter and rectify the errors.

² Since server rooms store very sensitive data and it needs a proper security and surveillance system. For that every aisle should have security cameras and entry in server room should be monitored through biometric system. IT rooms are meant to keep a check on fire system, surveillance system so as to monitor them at regular interval of time.

² If something happens to the valuable electronic components in the server room, it can cause great loss to the business hence for the protection fire safety should be kept in mind ,there should be a Fire detection system capable of distinguishing between a gas leak in the cooling system and the smoke from a fire, a fire alarm with strobe lights and sirens to alert every one of the need to evacuate the building, portable fire extinguishers installed in the proper locations to help server engineers to escape if an exit is blocked by fire, and an emergency power-off switch to shut off all electrical devices with the push of a button.

    On the other hand data center modernization makes expectations easier to achieve because managers can take advantage of new technology to fulfill them. In fact, data center automation puts the entire organization on the same page and reducing departmental space, errors and extraneous manual labor while delivering a high return on investment and cost savings. Newer equipment is easier and less expensive to operate, uses less energy, and is less likely to break down and cause an outage.

Below are some points that should be kept in mind while setting up IT infrastructure of the data center

² IT security is a multi-discipline subject requiring a number of different skills sets and knowledge areas.

 IT firewall protects computer systems from the dangers posed by an internet connection. The specific purpose of a firewall is to prevent unauthorized access to the computer systems it is configured to protect.

Load balancing is a process by which workloads, typically requests from your website, are balanced and distributed across multiple servers and it refers to efficiently distributing incoming network traffic across a group of back-end servers.


² Routers are devices used to connect different network segments and operate at the OSI Network layer. Routers also include some security in the form of Access Control Lists (ACLs) which drop packets based on pre-defined rules, stateful -inspection and packet filtering.

² Most switches operate at the Data Link layer (layer 2) of the OSI model (although newer models are now moving up to the Network Layer) and are the basis of most Ethernet based local networks. Routing is based on the MAC addresses of devices connected to the switch.

² In Network Architecture is a set of computer networks. For up to 10 computers peer to peer network architectures is required. Client-server architecture are used to help provide resources to multiple users. It may have one or more network administrators.

² Cabling within a data center may be either structured or unstructured. AC/DC power, ground, copper and fiber optic are the main types of network cabling used in data centers. The cabling used in a structured wiring design is specified by the bandwidth requirements of the system and is tested to ensure proper performance. An unstructured cabling system is inherently unreliable and may result in extended down time. 

 Below is the image that Isourse has designed with all the necessary solutions for data center layout for an uninterrupted networking.



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