A Sustainable Team Unlocks the Path to A Sustainable Future

The Indian corporate culture has come a long way with state-of-art workspaces and when it comes to team building, many corporates have been focussing only on productivity levels and ignoring team wellbeing and work life balance. The concept of skilled team is only limited to completion of work within a set time frame.

Isourse as a people-friendly brand aims to build a nourishing environment for the whole society by building a financially sustainable workplace. With a dedicated team unitedly working towards a single goal to achieve personal and organisational growth; Isourse has built a sustainable team.

The key to a high-quality skilled team is the recruitment process and the strategy of team building. Isourse bases its every strategy on 4 core values abbreviated as TREQ (Transparency, Respect, Equality, and Quality) and has achieved phenomenal success.

Isourse assesses every aspiring candidate on various parameters, be it on personal value system and personality traits or on the educational level. In the below case study, we will assess all the strategies implemented by the brand to create a highly productive, diligent, and sustainable team.

Author : Isourse
Date : 10 Feb 2023 19:03:55:337
Location : New Delhi

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