Case Study

AI Visualisation for Real-Time Operational Accuracy

AI Visualisation is believed to be an integral part of the industry 4.0 paradigm. Industry 4.0 harmonises the relationship between the virtual and the physical world through Artificial Intelligence. Every industry is moving towards the future by implementing AI in their day-to-day operations.

In the supply chain domain, human dependency is extremely high and as per western standards of Industry 4.0, we can never totally omit this dependency. So, the persistent issue of accuracy, reliability and accountability greatly affects the whole business.

HRMS: A Solution That Efficiently Manages Your Blue-Collar Workforce

With the adoption of concepts like hyperlocal, quick-commerce, and dark stores, the need and number of blue-collar employees have risen tremendously. Large, medium and small enterprises have always faced difficulties in managing such diversified groups of employees, scattered all around the world.

Isourse has been able to craft an AI-driven blockchain model solution that streamlines and automates the long-standing issue of managing thousands of employees on a 24-hour scale in two days.