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Maximise business potential by harnessing the power of Process Transformation

15-07-2023 16:04:52

In today's dynamic business landscape, the supply chain industry faces numerous challenges and complexities. The ever-increasing customer expectations, globalization, technological advancements, and market uncertainties require supply chain professionals to continually seek innovative solutions to stay competitive. One such solution that has gai... Read More

Is Your Surveillance Actually Contributing to Your Business?

01-06-2023 15:51:34

Surveillance is a vast term with implementation across every industry and in the supply chain domain it plays a vital role in instigating complete operational visibility. However, many industrialists believe surveillance is only limited to placing security cameras all over the facility. They opt to hire manpower to just sit and monito... Read More

Legacy Brands: Surviving the Threat of Strategic Dissonance

21-04-2023 15:34:01

Legacy Brands has been following the traditional supply chain for decades, with manufacturers producing goods which are sold through a long network of distributors, dealers, and retailers. With the transformations of commerce on a technological level; the consumer behaviour is also changing every day. Nowadays consumer wants ev... Read More

A Sustainable Team Unlocks the Path to A Sustainable Future

10-02-2023 19:03:55

The Indian corporate culture has come a long way with state-of-art workspaces and when it comes to team building, many corporates have been focussing only on productivity levels and ignoring team wellbeing and work life balance. The concept of skilled team is only limited to completion of work within a set time frame.

Isourse as a people... Read More

AI Visualisation for Real-Time Operational Accuracy

11-01-2023 11:13:12

AI Visualisation is believed to be an integral part of the industry 4.0 paradigm. Industry 4.0 harmonises the relationship between the virtual and the physical world through Artificial Intelligence. Every industry is moving towards the future by implementing AI in their day-to- day operations.

In the supply chain domain, human depen... Read More

HRMS: A Solution That Efficiently Manages Your Blue-Collar Workforce

14-12-2022 17:29:13

The Indian economy has always been dominated by the primary sector, but the blue-collar sector has spread across every sector of the economy. The blue-collar workforce of India comprises [approx.] 500 million people out of 1.41 billion, the total population of India [as of December 06, 2022]. This data clearly shows that the Indian workforce is ... Read More



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