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We aim to offer the highest possible standard of service, and we do that by giving you our undivided attention whenever you need us.


Professional Services:

We are pioneering the spheres of auditing and consulting in the domains of network electrical and surveillance infrastructure. Providing class apart Network audits along with planning greenfield and optimizing brownfield infra.

We also provide highly skilled and disciplined manpower thereby improving operations and cutting expenses.

We conduct Network Audits to identify loopholes in the IT infra of companies and plan a comprehensive solution for the identified problems. We use high-end network testing devices which help us to reduce the time network technicians spend validating and troubleshooting network performance problems and in giving the accurate report for the same.

  • - Network Stability Audit
  • - Network Security Audit
  • - Vulnerability Assessment
  • - Firewall and Change Management Policies Setup
  • - Surveillance Audit
  • - Electrical Setup and Compliance Audit

We provide strategic, architectural and operational planning to support customers’ IT needs. We focus on integrating information technology into businesses and showing clients how to use IT more efficiently to help reach objectives and targets

We offer consulting in the following areas:

  • - Electrical Planning and Optimizations
  • - Networking Architechture Designing and Planning
  • - Surveillance Architecture Design And Planning
  • - Warehouse Layout And Process Optimizations
  • - Mobile Network Booster Solutions

Under the managed services, we provide highly qualified and proactive L1, L2, and support with 24/7 presence to leading businesses across different industry types. Our engineers who are present in more than 50 cities, use high-end tools to ensure early detection and repair and prepare accurate reports for the same.

Our managed services:

  • - Fix Wi-Fi network, wiring and firewall configuration
  • - Assist in hardware failure determination
  • - Monitor CCTV system and arrange for their repair
  • - Client network configuration and management
  • - System inventory recording
  • - L1, L2, and L3 engineer support
  • - Disk space, partition installation and usage management
  • - Installation and troubleshooting services
  • - Customer user account management

Software Development:

We have developed in-house IT products which are customizable as per clients’ requirements. Catching the trade winds of AI and Machine Learning, these solutions are ever evolving in accordance with the new challenges.

ISOPRONTO - The complete warehouse management system provided by in – house developed eWMS, with JIT Technology driven process and HHT based operations. Our WMS has advanced functionalities to manage and gain better optimization of resources and assets, plans operations and can manage the workforce which results in increase of output and productivity.


  • - Integration to marketplaces & web stores for order fulfillment
  • - Tag every item with USN
  • - Fully featured JIT model
  • - Integration with first and last mile Logistics players
  • - Real time inventory across warehouse locations
  • - 3PL billing

ISOPING - Our in – house developed centralized network monitoring system. Our monitoring system can keep track of ISP Performance and manage IT assets. In this we use high – end tools for ensuring early detection and repair. It constantly monitors the network along with up and downtime estimation and creates a report of the estimation downtime from the previous data.

Our HRMS makes it efficient for employees and the department to have access to their basic requirement, of keeping track of their attendance, payroll, leave or some important announcement. It organises and manages the internal and external affairs at organisational level with complete help of technology, thus eliminating manual labour and making the administration work hassle free.


  • - Finance Management
  • - Team Management
  • - Client Relationship Management
  • - Network Monitoring System

It includes the systematic & efficient control of records by creating, maintaining, and destroying them along with the business transactions, staking of files, multiway retrievals & digitisation associated with them. It is required for paperless work, for enhancing transparency, and for digitalising files.


We have developed in-house IT products which are customizable as per clients’ requirements. Catching the trade winds of AI and Machine Learning, these solutions are ever evolving in accordance with the new challenges.

We offer a one-stop shop for all your surveillance needs. Choose from a wide portfolio of products, including analogue & IP cameras, body worn solutions, covert cameras, video door phones, and related accessories. We offer solutions for a spectrum of industries. Carefully designed, these solutions deliver comprehensive coverage for effective and efficient security. We are driven by the vision and commitment to make surveillance simple and affordable. We understand the challenges faced by security professionals and seek to find solutions by creating new technologies and breakthrough innovations.

Our team is highly experienced and qualified to meet the diverse needs of each and every client whether for office buildings, warehouses, commercial spaces, retail spaces, industrial, manufacturing or residential spaces.

New construction and commercial renovations to trouble shooting and preventative maintenance, we have got everything covered.

Data Centers

Data centers are the core of all businesses and is viewed as a way to create competitive differentiation. Thus, here at Isourse, we are providing industry-leading solutions in Data Center Planning & Implementation. Isourse’s data centre redefines traditional architectures, helping enterprises achieve desired business outcomes. We help enterprises achieve responsive business and cost efficiency.

Our on-demand Cloud Computing Platform services are in all major spheres including computer networking, storage, machine learning (ML) and the internet of things (IoT). We provide initial consulting along with end-to-end setup solutions in Data Centre Setup, Network, Surveillance & Electrical infrastructure.

Data Centers