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Human Resource Management System

ISOPING is a predictive HRMS model which is capable of calculating attendance with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning without any human involvement. It is a single platform for managing attendance, payroll, leave, etc., hence revolutionizing your workplace by putting all the HR related hassles to rest.

Human Resource Management System

Our HRMS - Human Resource Management System makes it efficient for employees and the department to have access to their basic requirement of keeping track of their attendance management, payroll management, leave management or some important announcement. It organises and manages the internal and external affairs at organisational level with complete help of technology, thus eliminating manual labour and making the administration work more efficient.


  • Finance & Automated Payroll Management
  • Prediction Based Attendance Calculation
  • Automated Leave Tracker
  • Team Management
  • Employee Segment
  • Multiple Comapanies/Branches under single instance
  • Mobile application for flexible operation
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Network Monitoring System

HRMS (Human Resource Management System) - Important Features

Manage Payroll

The HRMS - Human Resource Management System helps you manage the financial records of employees i.e., salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, deductions, etc. HRMS will help you calculate expenses, holiday pay, etc. faster with minimum effort.

Automated Attendance Records

Monitoring and managing attendance manually can be a time-consuming, laborious, and expensive affair. Our HRMS incapsulates automated attendance management system which ensures accurate time records and minimizes the human errors during manual data entry which might be a risky affair. This accurate data thereby helps in getting an overview of performance and payroll.

Automated Salary Generation

Our HRMS will significantly relieve the HR department from a lot of monotonous manual work. The payroll software will process automated salaries quickly and accurately based on the attendance and biometric records of the employees.

Automatic Report Generation

The HRMS software allows HR to manage reports with ease. Our automated time tracking module allows to create real-time MIS reports. It enables to generate error-free and accurate attendance of employees by synchronizing biometric data along with many other reports which the HR might require.

Maintain Employee Information

The employees often need to access their work-related information for various purposes. It won't be easy to do this manually in organisations which have a large number of employees. Therfore our HRMS provides you wiith another facility of employee information portal which is the perfect solution for employees to have secure access to their own personal information online.

Single machine instead of multiple HR

Our HRMS with the help of technology takes away all your HR related worries and frees up your most valuable employees to focus on the culture, retention, and other highly impactful areas of the organisation. Our HRMS is so user friendly that a single HR can manage all the tasks alone.

Make Announcements

Our HRMS also features Announcement Management to streamline the flow of information among the employees in the organisation. Announcements such as new policies and procedures or upcoming events can be made at the click of one button.

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